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We are consultants for physicians to create and Exit Plan for their business. We focus on helping health care providers with their Exit Strategy.

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Exit Strategies

We are consultants for physicians to create an Exit Plan for their business.

As the founder and CEO of various businesses in the healthcare market for more than thirty years, I’ve found great joy in working with entrepreneurial physicians. While CEO of Thermi, I spent countless hours focusing on developing and executing a strategy to achieve a maximized liquidity event. In an ever-changing market, we realized an $83-million buyout.

Most physicians don’t have a well thought out Exit Strategy and the old adage remains true: “failing to plan is planning to fail”.  Our planning allowed us to be prepared when the rare alignment of the right buyer and the right moment occurred.

Now conditions are right for doctors to take full advantage of profits from their real estate investments, retain control of their business, and fully realize the future financial benefits of their practice of which they have worked so diligently year after year. We simply want to help physicians plan for their Exit Strategy and properly leverage their present and future assets, because it will dramatically change their lives.

-Paul Herchman, Chairman

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