About MD Partners

What We Do

MD Partners specializes in internal and external marketing for physicians including:


  • Social Media Marketing
    • Targeted Facebook ads
    • Targeted Instagram ads
  • Internal Marketing
    • Email and drip campaigns
    • SMS campaigns
  • Branding and Design
    • Websites
    • Physician Branding
  • Marketing Material
    • Brochures
    • Pop-Up Banners
    • Videos
  • Direct Mail
    • Postcards
  • TV/News/Radio
  • Sponsored Events

Our Experts

Paul Herchman

Paul Herchman

Overall Strategy and Strategic Relationships

Paul has spent the past 40 years in the healthcare industry and has gathered hard earned wisdom and relationships across multiple specialties. Paul has been exceptionally successful as an entrepreneur and attributes this largely to his clear focus on a clear, achievable Exit Strategy.
Trace Herchman

Trace Herchman

Strategic Business Development

Trace is a 2nd generation healthcare entrepreneur who perpetually and tirelessly pursues new products, services and development in the industry to benefit our physician clients. Trace challenges conventional paradigms and brings ideas of the future to the present.
Bruce Vermeulen

Bruce Vermeulen

Strategic Analyst & Advisor

Bruce has many years experience of strategic analysis and advisory services across multiple industries and has focused primarily on healthcare industry. Bruce brings unique, strategic, but ‘on-the-ground’ insights to value creation for healthcare professionals.